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NLP for Language Translation, Comprehension, & Generation

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We're partnering again with ACM NY ( for two talks about NLP for language translation, comprehension, & generation!
Thank you to NYC Data Science Academy ( for hosting us.

A Novel Neural Network Architecture for NLP:

Deep Learning in NLP has been dominated in the past years by recurrent and convolutional models. But other models emerge to improve translation quality and performance.
Alex has developed a translator for his team and clients using a new neural network architecture called the Transformer. Unlike traditional translator models, this one solely focuses on attention instead of recurrence and develops powerful NLP models in a fraction of the training time.
Alex will explain how he built the translator, give a live demo, and discuss how the Transformer is able to overcome pitfalls of RNN models.

Alex Wolf, Data Scientist at Dataiku:

Alex is a Data Scientist at Dataiku, working with clients around the world to organize their data infrastructures and deploy data-driven products into production. Prior to that, he worked on software and business development in the tech industry and studied Computer Science and Statistics at Dartmouth College. He's passionate about the latest developments in Deep Learning/Tech and works at enriching Dataiku's NLP features.

Language Comprehension & Language Generation in Eventful Contexts:

Building AI systems that can process user input, understand it, and
generate an engaging and contextually-relevant output in response, has
been one of the longest-running goals in AI. Humans use a variety of
modalities, such as language and visual cues, to communicate. A major
trigger to our meaningful communications are "events" and how they
cause/enable future events. In this talk, I will present my research
about language comprehension and language generation around events,
with a major focus on commonsense reasoning, world knowledge, and
context modeling. I will focus on multiple context modalities such as
narrative, conversational, and visual.

Nasrin Mostafazadeh, Senior AI Research Scientist at Elemental Cognition:

Nasrin works on the next generation of AI systems that not only comprehend language but also explain their reasoning and answer 'why'. She has previously held research positions at BenevolentAI, Microsoft, and Google, working on various language comprehension tasks. Nasrin got her PhD at the University of Rochester at the conversational interaction and dialogue research group, during which she worked on language understanding in the context of stories, mainly through the lens of events and their causal and temporal relations. She has developed models for tackling various research tasks that push AI toward deeper language understanding with applications ranging from story generation to vision & language.

6:00 PM: Pizza, beer, & networking
6:30 PM: Talk by Alex Wolf, Data Scientist at Dataiku
7:00 PM: Networking break
7:15 PM: Talk by Nasrin Mostafazadeh, Senior AI Research Scientist at Elemental Cognition