How Data Science Creates Impact with ClassPass

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Join us for a deep dive into how data science creates impact! We'll kick things off with a walk-through of a predictive analytics project by Patrick Masi-Phelps (Data Scientist, Dataiku), before exploring how data science can drive impact at a global level with Neal Patel (Strategy & Operations Lead, ClassPass).

Talk #1: Predicting Flu Rates with Time Series Analysis by Patrick Masi-Phelps, Data Scientist at Dataiku
Seasonal flu is a serious disease that causes illness, hospitalizations, and deaths every year in the US. As this year’s flu season is the worst in nearly a decade, Patrick sought to predict flu rates in each state using data from previous seasons, tweets, and influenza-related online search trends. He will explain the step-by-step data science process and the algorithms he used to reach season-long baseline projections and subsequent 1-4 week short-term projections.

Talk #2: How Data Science Creates Impact at ClassPass by Neal Patel, Strategy & Operations Lead at ClassPass
Integrating data science into strategic decision-making is commonly touted as a panacea for a variety of business challenges. In practice, however, it can be much more difficult to realize substantive business impact. In this presentation, Neal will walk through important lessons he has learned on how to drive impact with data science. He will also highlight a couple ways in which machine learning is applied to common business challenges at ClassPass.

Speakers' bios:

Patrick Masi-Phelps is a Data Scientist at Dataiku, where he helps clients build and deploy predictive models. Before joining Dataiku, he studied math and economics from Wesleyan University and was most recently a fellow at NYC Data Science Academy. Patrick is always keeping up with the latest machine learning techniques in astronomical and public policy research.

Neal Patel works on the Special Projects team at ClassPass as a Strategy & Operations Lead. The Special Projects team focuses on high-impact initiatives across all verticals within the company. A large portion of their work is centered on leveraging machine learning to help ClassPass achieve its strategic business goals. Previously, Neal has held roles in product management and started his career as an investment banker focused on the Consumer & Retail industry. He is a self-taught data scientist that has dual-degrees in Economics & International Relations from NYU.