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Ananda Marga means path of Bliss.whoever is interested in yoga, Meditation and Kiirtana can join the group.

Yoga has become a very popular word throughout the world. We should know what Yoga is or rather, what the spirit of Yoga is. Human existence or human expressions are trifarious. Human beings have got a physical body and they have got physical problems, and they have to be solved. Secondly, human beings have got an intellectual structure, a mind, a psychic body, and all their psychic problems must be solved.. We must have Yoga in all the three strata of life. If there is Yoga only in the spiritual stratum and there is no Yoga in the Psychic and physical strata, what will happen? The very existence of human beings will become unbalanced, human equipoise will be lost. So we must have Yoga, or rather Yoga-oriented movement, in each and every sphere of life.
Human beings must do meditation to merge their unit mind into cosmic mind and that is the goal of mankind.
By learning meditation one becomes able to realize the supreme consciousness and one sincerely move towards Him.

Kiirtan- Kiirtan is a panacea for all physical,psychic and spiritual afflictions. (Spiritual afflictions arise because though we know that we are the loving sons and daughters of Parma Purusa (Supreme Consciousness) we don't always feel Him close and do not always feel ourselves sitting on His lap.)

"Naham tisthami vaekunthe,yoginam hrdaye na ca; /Madbhaktah yatra gayanti tatra tisthami Narada."

I do not reside in heaven, nor in the hearts of yogis;but wherever my devotees sing kiirtana I remain there.For me there is no difference between a literate and illiterate person, between a scholar and a fool."

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