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Ranking is designed to provide students milestones in their training and give formal recognition for dedication achievement in class.

The exam will consist of a two part process including a written practical (taken online) and a practical exam conducted at one of our regular training venues.

Practical Rank testing for eligible students.

The practical exam will consist of a series of partner based drills designed to demonstrate the students' knowledge, understanding, and mastery of specific Jeet Kune Do techniques and strategies.

Drills will be similar to exercises used in class ad will be specific to the respective rank being tested.

The exam will be conducted much like a shortened version of a group class with minimal instruction. Students may ask questions and continue the learning process, however any assistance will be designed to test the students' knowledge.

The written exam is available online. A registration link will be provided for students who have confirmed eligibility.

Eligibility requirements:

If you are unsure about your eligibility for a particular rank, ask Nhan or Gilbert.

First Rank

40 training hrs over a min of 6 months attendance

Second Rank

100 training hrs over a minimum of 14 months attendance

Third Rank

200 training hrs over a minimum of 25 months attendance

Fourth Rank

400 training hrs over a minimum of 45 months attendance

Fees: $35 (includes written and practical exam)