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Anchor Round Table: Product Designer

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(By invitation - if you are interested in joining us, please drop us a line via email: info{at} with your name and background)

A special Monday gathering with badass product designers in town! Come mingle, meet product designers from Taipei/Silicon Valley and share/learn a thing or two!

* This is a gathering reserved for product designers with facilitated sharing and networking.
* Venue info will be released to those invited/approved.
藍色星期一,來和台北及矽谷的產品設計師聊聊。目前限額八位,重質不重量的深度交流, 七點入場, 八點鐘round table分享 。

* 邀請制 - 特殊小型圓桌活動, 限產品設計師參加。
* 少數名額開放以 email 報名,請寄信至
info{at} 報名, 並提供姓名及相關背景, 聚會地點將會通知審核通過的朋友。

Anchor Taiwan, an award-winning 30-day residency program with impeccable access, brings world-class professionals to Asia for business advancement, radical growth and market/cultural immersion. We curate fireside chats, forums, workshops, salons and innovation tours with topics ranging from design thinking, IoT, crowdfunding, brand management, AR/VR, circular economy, hardware manufacturing, smart mobility to blockchain. Find out more:

Anchor Taiwan透過商業對接、社群交流和文化體驗, 吸引國際新創和科技人才在台駐點30天, 增加廠商合作和資金人才往來的機會, 並提升台灣的能見度。目前已經參訪配合過的企業包含宏達電、光寶、緯創、雪豹科技, 並與台灣科技與文化社群緊密合作, 本地夥伴包含大型加速器MOX、Girls in Tech、TAVAR、工研院快制中心、外貿協會等等。成立至今, Anchor Taiwan已經帶進全球加速器龍頭YC以及500 Startups投資的團隊, 團員來自美國舊金山灣區/邁阿密/亞特蘭大/洛杉磯、法國、烏克蘭、加拿大、白俄羅斯、德國和巴西。