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Blame it on the Covid! I have been self quaratined since early March and have been very compliant with CV19 CDC reccomendations including social distancing, wearing a mask and gloves anytime I go grocery shopping with very limited social contact with friends. As Anchorage is coming out of lockdown I thought this might be a good time for like minded people to form a massage exchange Meetup group. I am not a professional but was taught by one of the most intuitive professional massage therapists I have ever encountered. I have been giving massages for about 30 years now and would like to find others who may not be professional but would enjoy massage without the cost. The idea is to find a partner, or partners, that you would enjoy giving a massage to and receiving a massage from. perhaps for 1 hour each. We could learn from each other different techniques and enjoy the health benefits of massage. This might be an opportunity to learn massage without having to go to a school. Although a group meeting online would be useful to start and perhaps in person in the future, I see the opportunity to continue growing the group and to meet new partners, I would envision the massages occurring at home with the two members on their own. I suspect there are others with similar ideas and would welcome additional hosts to step forward, in part because I spend my winters outside of Alaska. I welcome feedback and ideas on how to make this work and fun. Stay safe and lets start this group!

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