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Inaugural Friday Run for/to Beer.

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No longer will you have to choose between a fit Friday and end-of-the-week happy hour!

Provided other people are interested in combining a run with a tasty adult beverage (or two), let's plan to run after work on Friday and then take our thirsty, sweaty selves over to Midnight Sun for beer/food/both. (Long Branch is another delicious and nearby location.)

I'm thinking we'll start at 5:30pm from Abbott Loop Community Park and wind north to either the Campbell Airstrip area or southeast towards Bicentennial Park. (I'm not very familiar with navigating these trails so our route will be a collaborative and evolving process.) I'd like to make it a slightly longer run - 75 to 90 minutes - but this is negotiable. Some of us could go longer and meet everyone later at Midnight Sun. I'm also open to shifting the start back to 6pm, although we'll need to keep in mind that the brewery stops taking orders at 7:45pm.

As you can probably see, this is very much a rough idea at this point. Please post your feedback and suggestions! I'm just interested in running and then drinking beer on Fridays after work. All other details are fully open to debate.

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