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GONG BATH: Sacred Sound. Soul transformation!
GONG BATH Sacred sound Sacred silence Soul transformation Quantum healing Enjoy a Life-transforming Quantum Gong Oneness Immersion. An uplifting chord of cosmic consciousness delivered to your soul! Heal with the natural Rhythm of the Universe. A super Pulse of Power. A Wave of Wonder. The Vibration of Vitality. And the Frequency of Fun! You’re invited to expand. Get bigger. Go global. Go universal. Go divine. Your love, health & abundance will sky rocket! For thousands of years, the Sacred Sound of the Gong has been used as a way of healing, increasing your vibration & opening doors to Spirit. And soar with 500-yr-old Tibetan Singing Bowls, Native American drum, Crystal Bowls & Chimes. Shift your unhelpful personal patterns to new useful blueprints for more joy! Through the Gong I share with you: The gift of my 40 years of alchemy connection with the Ascended Masters. The power of my 40 years aligning human energy pathways with the acupuncture meridians & the Planetary Ley Lines of the Earth. You are transformed by a 40” Meinl Wu Xing handcrafted Gong. This ancient instrument carries to you the frequencies of the Five Elements of Life: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire & Spirit. From these elements the Gong is created & used to balance life within you & the Universe. My Gong is a living, breathing Aware Being—a Shaman, a Wizard & a Great Master Healer. The Gong shares with you vibrationally all the Wisdom of the Ages through its vast spectrum range of Sacred Sound frequencies. The resonance of sound can be used to: Heal any disease or disharmony Tap into the vast energy power of Mother Earth Levitate Make yourself invisible Create light and galaxies Boil water Create hurricanes and rain Whatever you prayfully request it to do! $15 Blessings, Keith

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Rejuvenate your health, happiness & prosperity! Soothe Your Soul. Bathe in the power of Sound Medicine. Get a physical and emotional tune-up through the vibrational alchemy of 500-year-old Himalayan Singing Bowls, huge deep tone Chinese Gong, Crystal Bowls, Bells, Chimes, Drums, Native American Flutes—and the heavenly Hapi Drum. What awaits you is sheer passion and pleasure. Relax in ways long forgotten. Let the sound waves rejuvenate your health and happiness. Using sound to transform lives is the cutting edge of holistic energy healing. Get a physical and emotional tune-up through the vibrational alchemy of our sacred instruments. You feel vibrant! Alive! The magic of sound gently nudges you back to your natural whole state of joy and peace. Leave with the clarity of how to open to greater abundance. Our one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted Tibetan Singing Bowls from the 16th-19th century, are hand selected for their astounding overtones and profound healing qualities. Tradition has it that mantras recited while making the ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls are absorbed into the metal and released when the bowl is played. These mantras assist people on their path to enlightenment by harmonizing body, mind and spirit. Custom-made Native American flutes add their haunting power of magic and renewal.

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