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Advanced Meditation Techniques. Astral Travel. Sacred Geometry. Crystal Healing. Certification Classes. Service to Humanity. Service to SELF. Initiation into the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light. Self Mastery. Spiritual Warriors & Healers who came here at this very time to help shift Humanity. If any of this rings true to you - Welcome to your new community. We are a community of Lightworkers, of Healers, of Warriors on a path of Knowing Oneself on the deepest level -using ancient teachings and untethered lineage to catapult our evolution towards the light. With weekly group meditations & classes we look forward to meeting more like-minded individuals looking to join our community & begin embarking on their own personal journey of empowerment. If you are looking to transform your life in a positive way & blossom into the person you have known you were always meant to be, we cannot wait to see you soon! www.mangata.life

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