What we're about

This Meet Up Group is for growing a community of Kindred Spirits whom are open minded about Plant Medicines, seeking for Healing, Spiritual Growth, Self Discovery, Transformation, Integration & a family based group of friends who can genuinely support each other in a Scared Space where there is No room for any judgements, but only Compassion, Presence, Understanding, Empathy & Unconditional Love.

All Races, All Sexual Orientations, All Ethnic Demographics, All Cultural Beliefs & All States of Being are Welcome to this Group, as long as All Respect & Follow Rules.
Must be 21 & Up.
We will Meet once or twice a month for:

*Shamanic Group-Meditations

*Psychedelic-Integration Conversations

*Heart-Centered Presence & Support

*Healing Sound Baths & Energy Cleansing

*Drum-Circle & Trance Dancing

*Chakra-Balancing w/Crystals & Tuning-Forks

*Spiritual Group-Hiking & Grounding in Nature

*Mentoring w/Shamanic Oracle Readings

*Moon-Magic Ceremonial-Rituals for Releasing & Manifestation

*Cannabis-Plant-Medicine Ceremonial-Rituals & Meditations

*Animal-Companions (Pets) Hike-Day

*Lecture & Writing Day, or Documentary Night

If this description resonates with what you are seeking, please join us!

We Welcome You with open Arms & open Heart!


1- Show Up on Time
2- Show Up Clean (Physically & Internally)
3- Dress Up Decently
4- Do Not Judge
5- Do Not bring Up Needlessly Drama
6- Be Open Minded
7- Use Only Discernment
8- Be Kind & Respectful to All
9- Be Authentic, Be Yourself
10- Be Free & Have Fun

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SPIRIT JAM CIRCLE ~Sunday Funday Drumday~

Ancient Light Curative


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