SPIRIT JAM CIRCLE ~Sunday Funday Drumday~

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This is something I do with my small Tribe, most of my Sundays on the beautiful outdoor Roof-Garden on "Ancient Light". This time I felt compelled to invite a few Kindred Souls whom are dedicated in their Spiritual Path, so we can harness these energies & season-changes at a Powerful level.

This 3rd of November I intend to transmute the Retrograde & Scorpio Fall Season energies into Transformation, through Creation.
Scorpio is the symbol of Sexuality, thus a Creative Force in Nature.
When we play music, dance & create harmonious sounds, we are utilizing the Sexual Energy of Creativity. That is what Tantra is, and the ability to use that energy for Creation whether through Sacred Sex or in the form of Art.
The date 11/3/19 has a Numerology Vibrational Frequency of Manifestation 11, Creation 333 & 9 the end of a cycle; and the Moon enters the sign of Aquarius at 3:19 AM here in the west coast. Aquarius has a friendly energy that brings the desire of freedom & love for the innovative & unconventional, so let's play with these numbers & energies to Connect as a Tribe, Jam to Spirit & Release what no longer serves us through creating music & chanting Mantras together, and Manifest what we want to Transform into, through the Music & Sacred Sounds that We Create with good intentions.

I will open-sacred space with Smudging & Prayer.
We will sit in a Circle around sacred elements & will begin flowing with rhythm. We will jam in a trance for a few hours & will end in a Sunset-Gaze Meditation to Honor the Sun, while I play a few singing-bowls; to Ground, Center & Connect. Aligning & balancing the Chakras as well. Circle will be closed with Gratitude Prayer.
The jam will be recorded on camera & pics will be taken to share with attendees.

This is Not just for professional or highly skilled musicians. This is also for those who are just learning & wanting to learn more. This is Not a Circle for Judging, Criticizing or Ridiculing. This is a Circle for Interconnecting, Guiding, Inspiring, Motivating & Syncing with one another, so please let us all be Kind, Open Minded & Loving. This is mostly to have some Fun on a Sunday & connect with others who resonate.

This will also be an opportunity to possibly join my Sound-Baths & Ceremony-Holistic-Band "Tribal-Sounds" so if you are looking to play consistently with the Intention to Heal others.
We will provide healthy-organic snacks & water for replenishing afterwards while we Mingle.

Must bring an instrument that you can play. I have a few ones that you can use, but come with an instrument that you like to play. This is a gathering for Holistic-Musicians. A variety of Instruments are welcomed, specially unusual holistic ethnic-ones & there will be extension chords & outlet to plug-in. No instruments that are too crazy big, heavy or too loud. This is a Non-Alcohol, Non-Drugs environment; however you are welcome to bring Cannabis Herb or Vape if you like to use for Music-Jam.

If you are interested & wanting to join, please text me with a pic of your instrument or feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
This will be an exclusive small Circle to maintain Positivity & Connection.

I hope to meet you on Sunday Funday Spirit Jam Circle on November 3rd @ 3:33.

Love & Light!