EMOTIONAL RELEASE (Healing Sexual Trauma) In Mission Viejo CA

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If you are planning to attend, please message Anne for location address.

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NOTE: This Event was first Hosted back in October, and was so powerfully Healing & Successful, that I have been invited to Host it again in the location of my amazing friend ANNE FRANK from the PSYCHEDELIC & PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL-INTEGRATION-OC Meet-Up Group whom is also an incredible Healer, Teacher & Integration-Coach, so please check the location which is in MISSION VIEJO CA, NOT in LA.

This Event is only for those who have experienced Sexual-Traumas, or Sexual-Issues of any kind. Mild or Severe.
November/Fall Season brings in the Cold Yin Energy that affects human beings at a deep emotional level. The Yin Time of the year is the Energy of Divine Feminine's Regeneration Time. Time for death of the old which no longer serves, time for hibernation, integration, introspection & deep creation... Quite an appropriate time for deep Emotional Healing involving Sexual Traumas. This season tends to brings up intense old wounds & traumas that relate to Sexuality.
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You will be in a Sacred Space with other people just like you, who have had similar experiences as yourself. You will Not be judged! Your privacy will be Honored & you will be fully Supported with total strangers who understand you, who can relate to you & the pain we share.
Our intention is to potentially Release & Heal together as brothers & sisters who were once wounded... "Helping Heal our Human Tribe"
We Do Not have to suppress the suffering due to guilt or shame.
We can instead obtain courage to confront the issue & share it with people who actually Care Genuinely!

On Saturday November 16, the Waning Moon will enter the sign of Cancer (water sign). Great energetic time to work on Emotional Releasing involving Sexuality issues of any kind.
Come by yourself or bring a friend! Let's all sit together in a Circle, I will Smudge negativity away & bring in Healing Light with Opening Prayer.
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I will Open Circle by sharing my own personal story around Sexual-Trauma, then we will go around counterclockwise & each share your own story. You are not obliged to share, but keep in mind that part of the releasing comes from speaking it from the heart, out through the throat chakra. You will be Inspired by my own story!
After we have shared & opened up the pandora box of secrets;
You will all be guided through a breathing exercise that I call The Ocean-Breath, followed by a powerful (blind-folded) Meditation for Emotional Release, dedicated to the Heart & Sacral Chakra, the two Chakras that get affected the most due to Sexual Traumas.
Healing Music will be played in the background...
After the beautiful release, you will all be asked to lay down comfortably, to receive a Heart & Sacral Chakra Clearing & Balancing, with Professional Healing Tuning Forks & Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls that resonate to the two particular chakras.
I will close Circle by going around clockwise as we all share a significant part of the experience with the tribe & conclude with Gratitude Prayer.

If this sounds like a Calling for You, then Do Not Miss an Opportunity when it is presented to you! This is Divine Synchronicity!
There are Earth Angels down here offering Healing....
Take Action to Heal! You are Not alone...
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Come in warm, comfy layers incase it gets too hot or too cold.
You will be sitting on the floor, so make sure you wear appropriate pants that are comfortable. This event will be hosted in a private residency, so please bring yoga mat, blanket, pillows & your beautiful authentic self.
We hope to connect with you! XoXO

For Inquiries feel free to text ether Hosts:

JacQuel @[masked]

Anne @[masked]

For Tickets> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/emotional-release-tickets-78117801447