If you're in a current relationship, whether w/ someone of the same sex, someone of the opposite sex, dating someone, or maybe connecting w/ a special someone in this current time of your life & you are both looking to connect deeper; or perhaps you are married, or in a long relationship & looking to reconnect or rekindle a faded flame, or you both simply are looking to connect at a Tantric Spiritual level?
If Yes, then this Event is right for you & your significant other.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <3<3<3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
On Friday Day of Venus, Moon enters Sexy Sign Scorpio!
Can't get any Sexier than that! Let's Celebrate Love w/ a beautiful Tantra Ceremony to connect the Sex Energy w/ Heart Center, first w/ ourselves, then w/ your partner. This will be conducted through a beautiful guided meditation that will merge chakras & awaken the kundalini to raise together, connecting two souls in body, mind & spirit! This sexy ritual will create a lovely bond between the couple. Shamanic Reiki will be conducted around all couples, to heal any imbalances & remove blockages within the energetic bodies, for healthier relationships in all aspects. Sound Bath w/ crystal singing bowls & other instruments of healing that will will be played to clear & balance auras. Organic hot coco & berries will be served during Integration & Sharing. This is an Event for Couples so make sure you are coming w/ a partner. This Powerful Ceremony will clear auras, balance all chakras, build up creative energy, release what no longer serves, stimulating creative energy to manifest abundance & bring the couple to unconditional love. This is a good practice to promote fertility & child bearing.
Expand & liberate your body, mind & spirit & w/ practice it will enhance your sexual & intimate relationship w/ your partner at a soul level.
We hope that you can join us on this Sexy Evening of Tantra Love!
<3<3<3 The beautiful Art of Creating Love. <3
~ Sacred Space Opening w/Smudging, Prayer & Ganesh Mantra.
~ Group Introduction & Sharing. ( relationships questions will be asked to
open the heart )
~ Rose Quartz Valentines Gift ( tool to utilize during ceremony )
~ Brief breath-work to Release, Calm, Receive & Connect to the Heart.
~ Back to Back Meditation to Connect the Couples Chakras
~ Namaskar to the Divine ( bowing down ritual )
~ Circle of Light (plugging into the polarity energies)
God = positive / Goddess = negative
~ Shiva / Shakti Pose Yin / Yan, Sun / Moon, God / Goddess
~ Shamanic / Reiki Healing & Sound Bath
~ Eye Gazing with Guided Affirmations & Special Song Performance.
~ Namaskar to the Divine ( bowing down ritual )
~ Brief meditation to Connect back to Self & Ground.
~ Integration & Grounding Time w/ hot-coco & berries.
~ Brief sharing of experience & closing thoughts.
~ Angel Card Drawing for Blessings.
~ Closing Prayer & Smudging.
Space is small so spots are limited. Please RSVP Only if You are Showing Up for Sure! We want the people whom are truly interested & committed to have the opportunity to attend. If you have any inquires, please feel free to text Organizer at anytime. Also please map out addy ahead of time to avoid traffic. This is LA! It is free street parking so give yourself a few mints to look for a spot. You can call/text anytime if you need assistance. Cash, Apple Pay, Credit or Debit @ the door. You will be sitting in yoga pose on the floor the entire time so make sure you are dressed comfy & appropriate with long baggy or stretchy pants, female will be sitting on top a pose, so please be mindful of what you are wearing. There will be pillows & blankets available, but feel free to bring your own. Looking forward to connecting on Valentines Day! <3<3<3
Namaste! Organizer: JacQuel~[masked]