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What we're about

This group is for anyone who is interested in coding and having fun.

We hold regular events in London for varying levels of coders to learn new skills. From complete non-coders to employed developers.

Weekly events

We teach new concepts and frameworks, work on challenges in pairs or build new apps in teams. Anyone is free to come with any bugs they have in their home-works or projects or just to discuss how to start something.

We support completely new people and get them working on the best tutorials for what they want to achieve and help out when they hit road-blocks along the way.

Hacker Retreats

We are also testing our new 'AndHack' code retreats going to fun places where you can learn coding, meet other hackers and have some fun time out. e.g:
'KiteAndHack' = KiteSurfing in Spain + coding.
'BikeAndHack' = Mountain Biking the Alps + coding.
'YogaAndHack', 'SurfAndHack', 'SkiAndHack'

We will also hold mini weekend versions locally where we'll have a Hackathon and throw in some basketball and barbecuing to remind us we're humans

I'm new what do I do!?!?
Don't panic. Come along and we'll give friendly advice on where you should start depending on what you want to achieve. We believe in learning by doing so as soon as possible we'll try and get you involved in building something as it's way more fun =]
'What f#&king Programming Language Should I Use (' is also a good resource on this!

I'm already a developer is this for me?

A lot of the events are for experienced developers to team up with others to learn new skills or just hang out and maybe find people to work on side projects with. Check the event description and it should be obvious what's for you.

What the Butt-F#&k is CodeWars

As soon as you have a little knowledge in a language you can start using CodeWars ( to take on new challenges at your level in whichever language you are learning or to keep you up to speed in languages you already know.

It's a fun way to learn and makes you research new concepts. There are also a lot of tests to ensure your solution will really work in all scenario's which is great for teaching the importance and skills for TDD(Test Driven Development)

Host Your Own

Anyone is welcome to hit the '+Suggest a MeetUp' button and run their own event.

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