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4 hrs Sunday Afternoon Class: Beginning Android Programming

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This is going to be a 4-hour afternoon Sunday class for people who are new to Android mobile programming.

Arrive at 12:30 PM. The actual class will be from 1 PM to 5 PM.

You should at least be able to keep up with very basic Java syntax/concepts to take this class. Usually, I try to cover too much. This time, I'm purposefully limiting myself to a very few select topics. Also since I'm posting this class just a couple of days in advance, you should expect this class to have a very small number of students.

If you can get the Android development environment to work ( on your laptop, bring your laptop. If you can't, at least sit next to someone who has a laptop, and look over his/her shoulders during some of the coding exercises. The classroom wifi will slow to a crawl as soon as the class begins, so do not count on that working.

And if you want to debug on an android device you already own, that's fine too, just make sure to bring the usb cable that came with your device, and if your laptop has Windows on it, be sure to pre-download and pre-install the necessary driver ( (and if you're on Linux/Mac, you won't need a driver, but you will need to follow these steps (

Here are the topics:

Overall Android application architecture Activities & Services How to start activities/services UI Guidelines that you should follow from the very beginning A basic overview of layouts Declarative vs. procedural Android layouts How to add a button How to attach an event to a button Logging, Debugging, DDMS The weird behavior from an Activity's lifecycle How to save the state of an application Events and Broadcast Receivers An electronic handout with the answers, slides, example projects, and the Eclipse plugin I especially designed for the coding exercises of this class will be made available to you during class. Also, try to eat something beforehand (lunch will not be provided).

And if you prefer to use an alternative form of payment method, call me ahead of time. I have an alternate processor I can use, and I am also able to collect VISA/MasterCard payments over the phone.
- Stephan
510-395-3859 (cell)