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Reveal Your Inner Compass: Discover Your Superpower
Would you like to feel better about making decisions that were right for you? Would you like to hear about ways to give you a ways and means of changing things that you would see the benefits to your inner and outer world? In this workshop you will learn: - Do you have “gut feelings” and sometimes don’t listen? - Do you wish you could know what to do next and act on it? - How to relax and reduce anxiety about using your gifts - why are you here now? - How to protect yourself from overwhelming emotions in public places - Tools for your toolbox that really work! - Giving you the sequence and order to get the job done - Learn how to use your gifts to help yourself and others - The 5 secrets of how to work with your Spiritual Team - Give you the ability to break free from the chains that hold you, listen to your intuition and reveal your true path ***Special pricing starting October 29, 2018 - $282.50 (includes HST, reg. $395.50, includes HST). Offer ends Nov. 10, 2018

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4 Tribes West Centre

2896 South Sheridan Way, 2nd Floor · Oakville, on


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The Mindful Choices - we focus with your spiritual team and explore how to understand the connection and receive information about who you are, where you are going and how to get there from here. Looking at the spiritual aspects of the human experience. Through seminars and private sessions, we can get to the root of the issues or concerns and move you on your way, with all of the power you possess withing you to heal all aspects of your life and give you back the tools and resources that you need to become your full and magnificent self, especially when you need to see it within yourself the most. Come join us!

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