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What we're about

'AngelWing' is a community for like-minded female travellers to
b) BOND,
e) SEEK answers, KNOWLEDGE and

We connect with other female travellers to
a) PLAN EVENTS and TRIPS (whether inside CITY, Outskirt of CITY or International TRAVEL - We Will Keep you All Informed)
b) SHARE, REQUEST and GIVE ADVICE and SUPPORT on all things travel related.
We have members who are part of vast diaspora and who can SHARE SECRETS how to TRAVEL FREE or at MINIMAL BUDGET, without sacrificing quality of TRAVELL.. SSSSHHHHHH.. FINGERS ON LIPS.. More of these at MEETUPS.

Whether you shy or bold, whether you with 100 countries visa stamp travel on your passport ot First ONE. Don't be shy to JOIN, and please feel free to contribute positively to the community by giving others the benefit of your experience or lack of it!

AngelWings is largely based in the UK/Europe Toronto/NA, but we have members from all around the globe!
Please do bear in mind though that most official AirAngel trips and events will take place around world not just London / Europe/ NA only

This is a FUN FILLED SUPPORTIVE GROUP for GIRLS/WOMEN of all ages and travelling dispositions.
We like minded people have not come here to JUDGE other people on basis of their Taste, Age, Preferences, Likes, Dislikes, Nationality, Race, Religion etc, etc.
So we wish the chaos mongers to not come and spoil our Pond with negativity. ZERO JUDGEMENT is the CODE WORD HERE, and any kind of shaming or bullying of other members on basis of their preferences, their culture, their heredity will not be tolerated.
We are all here to travel and have POSITIVE INFLUENCE on each other, share stories or make new ones and get advice , gain experiences on travel and ife.
If it's not for you, then just scroll on by to the next adventure. We just wish all have good time on this journey on earth, With / Without us.

* STRICT NO NO: Marketing / Advertising / Solicitation of any kind WITHOUT PRE APPROVAL of The Leadership Team/Admins
(This is not limited to promotion of any product, services, solution, cause, page or any other plug) or sale of any item, unless you have run this past admin first.

Simona and Andreia are the Co - Founder and Admin of AngelWing.
Please send all requests, suggestions and enquiries to her on PM, or via the contact form.

Welcome to the group and thank you for being part of the community at AngelWing!

Happy Travelling & GOD BLESS WORLD
Let the FUN BEGIN...

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