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Many of us enjoy Reiki and Reiki Shares along with all of the wonderful healing energy that goes along with that. I realized that I get lots of help from the Angelic Realm for these healings. There are no groups in the SFV teaching or offering this. So I am starting my own Meetup. If you are interested in Healing, Angels, Reiki, Learning more about the Akashic, please come! Recently, I have been bringing people in to the Akashic with me and I would like to teach others to do that and I would like to try group readings. If you find that you are interested in any or all of these subjects, or would like to know more, please come join us. Lets grow together. In addition we will be experimenting with singing bowl healing. Learning more about Meditation and how to go deeper. Akashic records, how to access and how to go in as a group and do readings that way.
This group should be for the serious minded only. Please, this is not a dating service.

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New Moon Reiki Meditaion with Singing Bowls
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The New Moon is a great time for meditation, self reflection, decisions of what needs to be tweeked here or there, what changes should be made. in this class you will be guided on a meditation journey. And then we will play singing bowls to assist in the opening, clearing and healing. Then we will participate in a Reiki Share - where all are able to participate in the giving and receiving of Reiki.
No experience is necessary with meditation or Reiki - all are encouraged to participate.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a healing technique that became popularized in Japan and is an energy healing technique which can be performed hands on or hands above the body. It can assist in clearing the energetic field allowing for healing to occur within one's body, mind, spirit and soul.

What are the benefits of Sound Healing using the Singing Bowls?
Sound healing is the use of physical sound vibrations for therapeutic benefit. There are mega htz that can assist to heal - and my singing bowls are attunded to the diffenrent Chakras

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