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Sagittarius Prosperity New Moon Gathering

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Sagittarius Prosperity New Moon Gathering with Christopher Dilts
The theme of this New Moon is "Super-Charge Your Purpose and Prosperity" with the powerful Sagittarius celestial energies.

Join us here:

You may be feeling the energy of this new moon as excitement, or as anxiety, or fear, or as a mix of all three.

This is exactly as it is meant to be ...
This Scorpio New Moon is about plunging into your next level of manifesting your Soul's Purpose - so it is bound to bring in a high level of energy for your growth and expansion right now.

It's also normal for this potent creation energy to stir a variety of thoughts and feelings that range from enthusiasm for new opportunities, to fear and dread of the coming change. At its' core, all of this New Moon Energy is simply Lunar "Rocket Fuel" to help get you moving at a higher velocity in achieving your most important goals.

When faced with a genuine opportunity, this new lunar energy can trigger excitement or fear. You can consciously choose to experience the positive aspects of excitement, enthusiasm and positive momentum over the negative aspects of fear and holding back as these growth opportunities come to you.

The pure "fuel" aspect of this energy will stimulate you into interpreting these energies as love or as fear, and our Angels will help up "flip this energy coin from fear to love" in our thoughts and feelings as we work with our Angels in our meditation.
You can join us for the meditations here in our free Facebook Ask An Angel group:
Just click this link to access our group and you can join us each month for New Moon and Full Moon gatherings.

If you prefer not to use Facebook, simply join us here tonight:

Ask Angel New & Full Moon Blessings
Accessing your Angels and the New Moon Virgo energy at this time will help you in accomplishing your most important inspirations and in pursuing your most important life goals.

Your Angels will assist you to refresh and renew your highest soul gifts and your soul agreements so that you can move powerfully forward in achieving your intentions and plans.

Bring your highest intentions with you as you join us in the meditation where we call upon our Angel teams to energize and bless your goals and plans.