May Flower Full Moon Sacred Sound of Spirit with Angel Messages

Every 3rd Saturday of the month

Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness

2801 Roosevelt St · Carlsbad, CA

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Full Moon Sacred Sound Angel Blessing with Gongs & Crystal Bowls - Sat. 4/28

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May Flower Full Moon Sacred Sound of Spirit Evening

with Angel Messages

Saturday 5/88 - 6:45 PM at Carlsbad Village Yoga

Join us Saturday night for our Sacred Sound of Spirit event as we call in our Angel teams for the May Flower Full Moon Angel Blessing Circle with Messages from Your Angels.

Register Here:
You can also arrive 15 minutes early to register at the door.

This Full Moon is the May Flower Full Moon and it is also one of these rare "Blue Moons."

The May Flower Moon brings powerful Divine Feminine Energy into it's strongest flow for the entire year.

This is the time of prime fertility for the potent creative power of new ideas, plans, programs, products, and services to be conceived given birth into the world.

Our Angels are very positive about the Blessings & Opportunities that these new energies provide and about how important it is to step up our consciousness to meet and partner with them so that our Creative Powers are optimized and functioning at their peak potential.

Our Angels are emphatic that we need Source Love, Guidance, Wisdom and Grace to fulfill our Soul's mission and to function at optimum levels of creativity. Life is changing too quickly and transforming too powerfully for logic and reason alone. We need our full intuitive abilities and open Crown, Root and Heart Chakras to move with the flow of Source Love during these times.

Special Offering for this event:
Bathe in a rainbow of healing crystal frequencies while Master Sound Healers Daniel and Yumi play a special chakra-tuned crystal singing bowls, Gongs, Flutes and other sound healing instruments.

Why the Full Moon are so powerful for gathering and meditating:

Full Moons are the most powerful night of the month for creating new intentions and allowing the Divine to grant us special boons and blessings. The New Moon represents rebirth and is the ideal time to join with the most potent co-creative forces of the month.

This Full Moon's energy is primed to assist you in manifesting your Soul's wishes - your Angels will assist you with:

• Allowing yourself to accept and assimilate Angelic Blessings

• Increasing the Attractor Field of your Soul Gifts and Abilities

• Receiving Guidance from your Higher-Self and Co-Creation Angels

If you consciously work with your Angels & the New Moon Energies, you can greatly increase your creative capacity and accelerate your speed for manifesting your most important goals.

Join us Saturday:
Carlsbad Village Yoga
2801-B Roosevelt Street, Unit B
Carlsbad Village, CA 92008

email: [masked] ([masked])
Love offering: $20

I am looking forward to seeing you at this special Angel Blessing Circle!

All Angel Blessings to you,


"Over Every Blade of Grass there is an Angel saying. "Grow, Grow!" - Jewish Proverb

Angel Circle Experiences...

Since I have attended the Circles regularly over the past several months, I feel more connected to my Self. Trust and happiness have increased. After a group session I feel refreshed, new.... with a different understanding of what is going on in my life. I can understand what is really happening from the Soul's perspective

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