What we're about

This group is for all people that love Reiki, Energy Work and thinking outside of the box.
This is for all levels of Reiki practitioners. When I say practitioners I mean all that practice Reiki - If you practice with friends and family to a working practitioner with paying clients.
Every group you will learn a technique to add to your Reiki tool box.
Reiki people are special and wonderful people - I look forward to meeting all of you!

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Crystals 101

Tranquility Within

There is so much to learn about these amazing stones. In this workshop you will: * Get a description of each stone * How to use each stone * How to cleanse them * How to charge them. This month we will be going over: Smokey Quartz * Rose Quartz * Howelite * Black Tourmaline * Clear Quartz - You will also get to take these stones home * our gift to you. For more information go to Angels2zen.com

Reiki Circle

64 W Main St

A Reiki Circle is the perfect place to do a little hands on Reiki as well as receiving positive energy. You do not need to know Reiki to attend our Reiki circle - you may come just to receive. Reiki Circle is $10 per person

Reiki Study Group

Acupuncture Whole Body Wellness

This study program allows you to build on the skills you learned in your reiki classes. During your training you are given a lot of information and everything is new. Durning Angels 2 Zen's study program you can practice, review and ask questions. You are encouraged to come to this program if you have trained with me in the past or with another instructor - all are welcome. $20 per person Email to register - [masked]

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