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“I help people build a healing, nurturing connection with their Soul and Spirit that will bring meaning and purpose into their lives. This connection will build a continuity of love and grace from the Highest Source.” ~Nancy

Nancy Smith is a gifted psychic medium who helps people connect to loved ones who have transitioned to “the other side” as well as spirit guides and other energies who have a message for them. Nancy sees her job as a psychic medium is not only to help people to connect with their loved ones, but also support them to follow their own spiritual journey.

Nancy has also developed and teaches a program called The Akashic Journey to Soul Mastery, a series of classes about the higher energy of the Akasha that holds the mystery of your soul. Nancy has written and award winning, best selling book “Divine Love Affair andAkashic Journey.”

Angelscapes meet-ups are classes that help you develop personal spiritual practices in Mediumship, Akashic studies, Soul Connection and Intuitive Development.

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