Angular-IL January Meetup @ Mindspace


Join us for an amazing Angular Meetup @ Mindspace!

18:00 Meet & Mingle
18:30 Opening words
18:35 Import { SomeModule } From ‘some-3rd-party-lib’; - Adam Klein, GDE - Co-Founder of 500Tech

Ever had problems compiling a 3rd-party library in your Angular app? Couldn't find the type definitions? And what’s the library’s footprint anyway?

In this talk we will dive into the what happens behind the scenes of this simple line of code:
import { SomeModule } from ‘some-3rd-party-lib’;

You will get a better understanding of your integration with your libraries, and how would you go about to build a library of your own, whether it’s public or inside your organization.
Adam is a web developer and consultant, web GDE, and author of open source libraries.
He is a co-founder of 500Tech, a company that specializes in frontend technologies.
He loves coding, and he loves speaking about code.
Adam is very involved in the community, and is part of the organizing team of Angular & React meetups and conferences in Israel.

19:00 Break
19:10 What are RXJS schedulers and why we need them to test observables - By Eliran Eliassy, GDE -CEO & Founder @

What's happens when you try to test async code?
Are Observables asynchronies? always?
In this talk, we will go through several ways to test async code in our Angular applications. We'll understand what are RXJS schedulers, why they are important and how we can leverage the power of rx-marbles to test complex async code.

Eliran is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Angular & Web Technologies.
Experienced FE developer, specialized in B2C applications.
Founder & Developer @
Angular enthusiast, Public speaker, Community leader.

Co-Organiser @ AngularUP Annual Conference
Co-Organiser and manager @ Angular-IL meetup
Writer for
19:35 - Break
19:45 Angular GDEs AMA Panel with Adam Klein, Eliran Eliassy, and Uri Shaked!
This is your opportunity to ask top Angular experts from Israel everything you want to now about Angular!
Propos you questions at this link:

21:00 - Raffle! Free ticket to AngularUP and 2 web storm licenses!