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Angular Kraków #2

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Monday, 13 November. Time to meet again!


5:30 pm Registration open

6:00 pm Welcome & Tech News

6:20 pm Filip Mamcarczyk, Getting The Most Out of Angular Router + Q&A

7:00 pm Short break

7:15 pm Andrzej Kopeć, Why I do not test private methods + Q&A

8-9:00 pm Networking



Filip Mamcarczyk, Frontend Developer at Codewise

"Getting The Most Out of Angular Router"

Talk description:

Once upon a time, in the land of Web Applications, little FormComponent led a happy and careless life of a teenage Angular component. Once he started growing up he faced many new challenges and opportunities and realized he can't go on with the basic skills he had. How will he separate data initialization and view logic? How will he receive more and more data without sacrificing his performance? How will he (re)solve many more problems with developing dynamic components? Luckily for him, the mysterious Angular Router comes up with some tools to help him...

Andrzej Kopeć, JS developer in SkyGate, mentor at Devmeetings and a frequent speaker

"Why I do not test private methods"

Talk description:

Every programmer asks himself whether to test private methods or not. And not for everyone the answer is obvious. I'm going to present several examples showing why testing private methods isn't the best idea and how this single aspect of testing influences written code and tests.


Meetup rules:

To make sure that we accommodate as many Angular fans as possible, we kindly ask you to follow these simple rules :)

1. Cancel your RSVP as soon as you know you won't make it.

2. We close the list on Monday (13 Nov) morning (around 10 am). If you don't cancel your RSVP and will not come - you get a yellow (warning!) card.

3. When you earn 2 yellow cards - you get a red one and get banned.

4. No worry, it's not forever. We "clean" your account after two subsequent meetings so you get back your chance to participate :)

5. Entering the meetup is only possible after presenting your name ID which we check with the list. Keep that in mind and check your name on Meetup - if you are XWYSA we won't be able to identify you, sorry! :)