• 🅰️ Angular Architecture: Nx & Monorepo, Pro Tips to PR, Intros to Jest & AST
    At this meetup we would talk about front-end architecture, the use of multiple small repositories, e.g. Microapps versus single monorepo. We would have an intro to Nx - open source toolkit for Enterprise applications https://nrwl.io/nx. Another talk would be an Intro to AST (Abstract Syntax Trees), Jest and tips to Pull Requests. As usual, we will have pizza, beer and soft drinks. ------------------------ Lightning talks ------------------------ - Pro Tips in Pull Requests Robert Pocklington - Passionate frontend developer, senior consultant @AGL - My learning of Jest Testing Framework with Angular Full Stack Software Engineer (Angular | Java) @ZWare ------------------------ Talks ------------------------ - Angular Apps Architecture: Monorepo & Nx Alex Burakevych - Front-end architect @ZWare https://twitter.com/oburakevych - Introduction to Abstract Syntax Trees Deddy Kosasih - Frontend Developer @Telstra Health ------------------------ ------------------------ Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX-ftnD3ncQfiMSsxv-LJuQ) Slack ( http://bit.ly/ng-au-slack ) - discussions, jobs, announcements Twitter @angularMelb ( https://twitter.com/angularMelb ) Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Angular-Conf-Australia-161898901197072 ) We are still open for submissions of the talks. Submit your talk proposal for next meetup now ( https://goo.gl/forms/E7BB9ReSIty2nolX2 ).

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    Level 10, 111 Bourke Street · Melbourne