Angular JS Meetup #5

This is a past event

80 people went

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• 19:00 - Socializing, food, drinks, mingle

• 19:30 - Welcome, intro and orga stuff

• 19:35 - Freeletics GmbH introduces itself

• [30 min] Showcase: ActiveMQ Workbench, Michael Krah

• [30 min] The evolution of Angular 2, Johannes Weber

--- Break ---

[15 min] Component communication in A2, Sekib Omazic

[30 min] Angular limits: exploring the number 2000,

Zlatko Đurić

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Message queue administration frontend

The DAB Banks IT infrastructures skeleton is the Enterprise Server Bus system. To track and administrate message flows, a frontend was needed. Interesting Angular techniques and pitfalls are demonstrated to be transferred to your projects.

Speaker Bio

Michael Krah is responsible for internal web frontend applications at the DAB Bank. His first language is Typed ECMAScript-6, followed by German and English.

The evolution of Angular 2

Angular 1 was born in 2009. Since that a lot of web standards are born and supported by most of the browsers natively. So it's time to use the new possibilities. That's how Angular 2 started. It's not just a major update. It's a whole rewrite!

The key theme of this talk it to get an overview of Angular 2. I’ll walk you through what you need to know to stay up to date, explain the main concepts behind A2 and the current state.

It is rounded off with some practical suggestions on how to proceed today - to make the transition from Angular 1.x to Angular 2.x easier.

Speaker Bio

Johannes Weber has spent more than 10 years in front- and backend development. He works for Mayflower GmbH where he focuses on the migration of SPA and MPA.

Component communication in A2

Angular 2 is #still_in_alpha (inofficial hash tag) but it is mature enough to start playing with.

This time we want to introduce the Component - the key concept of Angular 2 and to show how components can interact. How can they exchange data and what are the caveats when using native shadow DOM.

Speaker Bio

Sekib Omazic comSysto’s Chief Relaxing Officer has been programming Java for about 15 years and now tries to switch his focus to Javascript. Big fan of ReactiveX currently works in a Java project but uses AngularJS for rapid prototyping.

Angular limits: exploring the number 2000.

A known best practice of working with Angular is to have no more then 2000 live bindings into the DOM. But is it 2000 or is it variable? Does it depend on the browser vendor? Does it depend on what you do with the bindings?

In this talk we will try to find some of these numbers.

Speaker Bio

Zlatko Đurić just moved to Munich from Zagreb to a Node.js position. In Zagreb he was active in JavaScript community, and enjoys having talks.