January @ Google - UX Engineering, PWAs, and Augury!

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Welcome to the first Angular Seattle meetup of 2019! We've got a great lineup, with talks about UX Engineering, PWAs, and Augury.

Snacks and beverages will be provided. Come join us and get the new year started right!

🎨 UX Engineering at Google
- Blair Metcalf, Google

Making a new product or feature is hard and can be difficult when going from design to development. UX Engineers at Google work across roles to bridge that gap to make prototypes for user research and demos for VPs to sell the product vision. This talk will cover why the person with a demo is the most persuasive and what makes a UX Engineer at Google love coming into work.

Blair Metcalf has been leading small teams and new features within Google Cloud for 3 years. A year ago he started a 20% project to help UX designers within Google Cloud prototype without writing code. Now a growing team is working to make that tool public so designers and developers outside of Google can design and develop together.

⛵ Progressive Web Apps, Ahoy! with Angular 7
- Will Smith, NOAA Affiliate

My team is looking at a growing pile of future projects: some are purely web-based, and others we intend to deploy on devices that will be offline (on boats) for long periods of time. One of our goals is to maintain a cohesive code base, to share code across all these projects, but initially that didn't seem too promising. Fortunately, we came across a Google talk on PWA's, and eventually realized that they, along with Angular, would be a great solution to our requirements!

Creating a PWA in Angular 7 is about as easy as it gets, which was good news for a team that was totally new to Angular a few months ago. I will talk about what PWA's are, their major features, a little architecture, and how they are configured in Angular 7 projects. Then I'll do some demo coding, where I'll transform a mere web application into a glorious PWA in Angular 7!

Will has been a software engineer in the Seattle area for the past 20 years, with experience across a wide range of industries. He's currently at the NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center as a contractor, working on comprehensive solutions for at-sea data collection. He has yet to drop a laptop overboard while doing so.

🔮Debugging Angular Applications with Augury
- Ehsan Motamedi, Rangle

For the next generation of the Augury DevTool Extension, Rangle.io created Augury Labs, a new instrumentation and inspection framework for Angular applications that is installed through a set of npm packages. Ehsan will demonstrate the insights provided by Augury Labs’ Performance Profiler plugin, which can help you tune the performance of your applications. He will then give an overview of the architecture and how you can create your own plugin to inspect and troubleshoot Angular web applications.

Ehsan Motamedi is a Director of Architecture & Innovation at Rangle.io. He helps companies in their digital transformation journeys, including frontend technologies (Angular, React, Vue.js), DevOps, cloud migration, analytics and machine learning. He has been creating and managing Agile technology teams for over 9 years in various industries including media, real estate, financial and others.