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AngularJS Warsaw #11 odbędzie się w siedzibie Microsoft ( )

Microsoft Sp. z o.o. w Warszawie

Al. Jerozolimskie 195A[masked] Warszawa


Session details:

1. Miłosz Piechocki

Speaker bio:

Miłosz is a Senior Software Developer at PFA Pension. He developed and architected systems at a London investment bank and several Polish start-ups. He runs a programming blog ( ) and contributes to open source projects ( ).


Going serverless with Angular2, Firebase and

What are serverless architectures all about? How to build and deploy fully functional web applications without building a backend? What is Function as a Service and a Real-Time Database? In my talk I will try to answer these questions. Additionally, I will run a short live-coding session in which I will show how to build and deploy a simple serverless web application.

2. Tomasz Ducin

Speaker bio:

Advocate of modern JavaScript solutions. Experienced in both frontend and backend. Passionate about solving technical and organisational issues.


JavaScript + Java = TypeScript

JavaScript is the most accessible platform of our times. Yet, it has many downsides, especially when it comes to big scale applications, being developed by multiple developers.

TypeScript is a solution to that problem. Being quite a new guy, it has already found its place in the JS kingdom, among rivals such as ES6, inspiring alternative langs like Flow to rise, and finally making old folks like CoffeeScript obsolete. Angular2 chose TypeScript as its language. It has bindings for most existing libraries already. Some people, including me, state they'd choose TypeScript for development of most projects, both existing and new ones. So why is that?

In this talk I'll highlight the native-JS problems that TS solves and compare it to JS and ES6. Moreover, we'll see how do non-Frontenders see TypeScript. I'll share my experience of big enterprise apps development.

TypeScript is revolution, be part of it. This talk wil broaden your horizons. Come & join.

3. Kenneth Auchenberg

Speaker bio:

Kenneth is a Program Manager, focused on DevTools and Remote Debugging at Microsoft, and is obsessed with tooling. He started the [RemoteDebug]( ) project to unify remote debugging and lives in Vancouver, Canada. He’s the organizer of the [ColdFront Conference]( ) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Kenneth blogs occasionally at [ (]( (, and tweets as [@auchenberg]( )


A future without browsers

In this talk I’ll take you through the trends of 2017 and provide a perspective on how the web apps of the future will look like in a world, that's increasingly dominated by mobile devices, and constrained by new challenges such as limited power, battery and connectivity. The web will continue to be relevant but maybe in a different way from what you expect today.

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