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Best IDE for AngularJS, SEO and Notes from ng-conf 2015

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This time we would be talking about searchable AngularJS apps, have several short presentations about different IDEs AngularJS developers use and listen to the notes from the ng-conf 2015 conference.

Have your vote counted on what IDE do you use for AngularJS:

There will be pizza, beers, wine and soft drinks. Also, there would be free tap beer after the meetup in a bar nearby.

Follow the meetup on twitter @angularjsMelb ( #angularMelb (

• Best IDE for AnfularJS

  • Sublime Text - Rick Giner, Front End Specialist at Australia Post

  • IntelliJ Idea Enterprise - Dmitry Pokidov (, software engineer at Shine Technologies

  • IntelliJ Webstorm - Ryan W Kan (

  • UltraEdit - Csongor Halmai (, AngularJS Developer at Australia Post

  • Atom - Basarat Ali Syed (, an evangelist for compile time type safety in JavaScript (aka. TypeScript) | [@basarat (]

  • Vim - Colby Swandale (, Web Developer at Inlink | [@0xColby (]

• SEO - Searchable AngularJS Apps, Tiang Cheng ( - AngularJS developer at

[@tiang (]

• Notes from ng-conf 2015 in US, Brett Uglow ( - Front end engineer at Odecee, a blogger at ng-2015 conference

[Github ( | Blog ( | @u_glow (]

L33/530 Collins Street · Melbourne
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