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Eden Prairie, MN

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Dec 5, 2013


Grails Team Member at Object Computing, Inc. Been using AngularJS around 2 years now and love its magic and its grace :) It makes development fun and testing easy! I also play board games, video games and Trampoline Dodgeball (yes really)

Are you a recruiter? (We welcome recruiters but ask that they follow some rules out of respect for our members' time).

I am not

What would you like to see at AngularMN meetups?

I'd love to see a community develop that supports one another in learning and mastering Angular JS. It's a powerful tool that's still growing rapidly, and as a Tech community in MN I'd like to see us trying new technologies and sharing our knowledge. The Twin Cities is already a great place for software developers, and things like this make it even better! I'm game to any kind of meetup formats, hack sessions sound just as fruitful as presentations and I'd like to see us try different things as a group to see what sticks

No promises we can get it, but what's your food and beverage of choice?

A dark beer and pizza will keep me coming back. I'm pretty flexible though, rarely do I find a food I strongly disagree with.

Interesting 'you' trivia to share with the group?

I've won prize money in a Trampoline Dodgeball tournament in Los Angeles, was on Fox Sports for it, and it was gloriously fun :)