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1 Year Anniversary: #AngularJSTO with 5 talks

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Join us for our special #AngularJSTO ( 1 year anniversary event with 5 speakers, beer and pizza, at Polar Mobile. We have 20-minute talks by Peter MacMillan, Alan Hietala and Derek Braid plus ('s CEO, Nick Van Weerdenburg, and developer Xiyang Chen.

Special thanks to our sponsor Cetaris (!

7PM: Doors open + mingling

7:15 PM: Nick Van Weerdenburg, CEO at ( "Angular One Year Later"

As many of you know, Nick is a compelling speaker with tons of knowledge about cross-platform applications and he can make the business case for using Angular. Here's a sample of one of his talks:

Speaker Bio:

Nick is the founder of and leads's business development, consulting, and enterprise architecture activities. He's a firm believer in the thin-server, full-JavaScript stack, and actively evangelizes for it across the Toronto tech community.

7:25: Alan Hietala: “Parallel Development on a Common Service Platform.”

Alan will share what's worked and what hasn't while simultaneously building out 2 mobile apps and 2 web apps that share a common set of services. He’ll cover dependency management, service layer design, and architecture tips for minimizing changes that could break the other apps being built out on the service layer.

Speak Bio:

Alan is an expert in full stack javascript currently working on the worlds best internet enabled thermostats at and spearheading ecobee's HTML5 platform which targets both the traditional web and mobile apps with a single unified javascript core. His work for startups positions him to have a unique understanding of early stage companies. He is a mentor with the University of Toronto Computer Science department. Find his previous talks on Angular at (

---> 8:00 PM: Short Break for Networking <---

8:10 PM: Peter MacMillan: "Letting go of "this" and embracing functional programming in JavaScript"

Peter will talk about functional programming in JavaScript, how AngularJS avoids the pitfalls of "this", and how to compose better, reusable, and testable units of JavaScript. An example of converting "class-style" code into functional code will be provided, demonstrating the benefits of writing better code.

Speaker Bio:

Peter works as a Senior Front-End Architect at Juice Mobile and he has a deep understanding of the full stack. He enjoys challenging what he knows with emerging technologies and his fundamental requirements in work are to work with people and play a role in the larger picture. Find out more on his website (

8:30: Derek Braid: "Creating a Data Visualization app using Angular and D3: Canadian Cities Over Time"

Derek will talk about how he recently used Angular and D3 to build a data visualization for ( He will also review some code snippets.

Speaker Bio:

Derek is a web developer who creates interactive digital content for the web. He develops full-scale web applications, custom web design for individuals and small business. He's a pro at creating data visualizations to showcase research and analysis and reporting and analytics dashboards for small business on the web.

8:50 PM: Xiyang Chen, Developer at ( "Angular Best Practices for Testing and Code Sharing"

Xiyang has lots of industry experience and he'll go over best practices with you, using some case study examples from his project work.

Speaker Bio:

Xiyang moved to Toronto after a couple of years working for startups in the United States. A week after arriving he ended up at, where he has made himself an essential contributor to the many startup clients serves. He is a JavaScript fanatic with a passion for testing, scalability, and long-term code maintainability.

9:15 PM: Nick's closing remarks.

We hope to see you there! Please share your AngularJS experiences with the community: case studies, technical overviews, demos, and short talks are all appreciated.


Best wishes,

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