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AniMate - Saturn collection - Season 1

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AniMate - Saturn collection - Season 1


Join us for a compilation of some of the most amazing short films from all over the World!

Feel free to RSVP here to show your interest: HOWEVER, this will not grant you a spot at the event. Please buy your ticket here:

Covid Safe event, limited seating.


Feel free to arrive 15 minutes earlier, walk around the gallery, meet other animation enthusiasts and get a drink at the 107 Projects bar.


Limited seats available to keep social distance. These films are not for people under 15, unless accompanied by an adult.


PROGRAMME - Season 1, Saturn collection

1 - Telepathic Mail (Directed by Jake Johnston), USA

2 - Labyrinth (Directed by Charlene Xu), USA

3 - The wayfarer (Directed by Behrouz Soleimaninazir, Shirin Soleimaninazir, Farnaz Moazen), Iran

4 - Kohannia (Deep love) (Directed by Mykyta Lyskov), Ukraine

5 - Oniden (Directed by Aimee Uehara), USA

6 - AALY (Directed by Abdelrahman M. Daoud), United Arab Emirates

7 - Summer Sky Reverie (Directed by Yoshiro Kawakami), Japan

8 - Mistaken Freedom (Directed by Vasilis Hatzopoulos), Greece

9 - Culture Broth (Directed by Léon Moh-Cah), United Kingdom

10 - The Boy and The Mountain (Directed by Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal), Chile

10 - Animating Aeroplane Jelly (Directed by Michael Kraaz), Australia

11 - Chasing Stars (Directed by Laura Aldofredi), Netherlands

12 - Treadmill (Directed by Chan Le Tong Ada), Singapore

13 - The little hand (Directed by Nattaphong Srichaikit), Thailand

14 - Under the Dark Clouds (Directed by Kangmin Lim), USA

15 - Winter Bath (Directed by Jingpei Xiao), USA

16 - Tree of Life (Directed by Abigail Asrina), United Kingdom

17 - Lah gah (Letting go) (Directed by Cécile Brun), Switzerland

18 - Little Days (Directed by Lena Rye), Canada

19 - Pearls (Directed by Idan Barzilay), Israel

20- The Numen's Mask (Directed by Salvador Herrera), Mexico

21 - Yum Yum Song (Directed by Ross Butter), Denmark
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