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AniMate - Uranus collection - Season 1

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AniMate - Uranus collection - Season 1


Join us for a compilation of some of the most amazing short films from all over the World!

Feel free to RSVP here to show your interest: HOWEVER, this will not grant you a spot at the event. Please buy your ticket here:

Covid Safe event, limited seating.


Feel free to arrive 15 minutes earlier, walk around the gallery, meet other animation enthusiasts and get a drink at the 107 Projects bar.


Limited seats available to keep social distance. These films are not for people under 15, unless accompanied by an adult.


PROGRAMME - Season 1, Uranus collection

1 - Sleep Mode (Directed by Giulia Vanzini), South Africa

2 - Cinetic (Directed by Thomas Lagana, Johanna Bardon-Brun, Robin Bouillet, Marie Jullietty, Hugo Meheust), France

3 - The Lifeguard (Directed by Cécile Mercier, Milena Blin, Clémentine Lecluse, Iris Stanley, Ming-Yang Zhao, Rohan Kotnis, Charlotte Humbert), France

4 - o28 (Directed by Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran), France

5 - Voicing CSA: The Mouse (Directed by Katie Steed), United Kingdom

6 - Idea (Directed by Olli Huttunen), Finland

7 - Two Little People (Directed by Xin Li), Australia

8 - Art Is Angst (Directed by Björn Granberg Ahlmark), Sweden

9 - The Quiet (Directed by Radheya Jegatheva), Australia

10 - Kite (Directed by HongWei Wang), China

11 - Monkey Thief (Submitted by Zachary Ates), USA

12 - Exit (Directed by Luke Ramsay), United Kingdom

13 - The Music Box (Directed by Joe Chang), Canada

14 - Reven og Nissen (Directed by Yaprak Morali, Are Austnes), Norway

15 - Gaku (Directed by Xueyan Wang), China

16 - Jay's life (Directed by Charlie Mars, Kazy Usclef), France

17 - To the end (Directed by Quentin Simon, Guillaume Chappe, Marie Delpierre, Claire Carcopino, Renaud Roquette), France

18 - Journey (Submitted by Lauren Kim), United States

19 - La Rana (Directed by Mario Kreill, Cristina Dezi, Isabel Wiegand), Italy

20 - Lost and Found (Directed by Éva Adorján), Hungary

21 - Mime Your Manners (Directed by Kate Namowicz, Skyler Porras), USA

22 - Christmas morning (Directed by Karni and Saul), United Kingdom
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