• Change the Zoo - August Action

    Philadelphia Zoo

    Our campaign to "Change the Zoo" continues with another event at the Philadelphia Zoo! More info on our campaign at http://changethezoo.com/index.html Our "Change the Zoo" campaign focuses on the idea of the zoo itself and how it is an outdated, sad and abusive institution with no place in today's civilized society. However, instead of "Close the Zoo," which was our theme for the warehouse-based Bucks County Zoo (successfully shut down after our campaign), our Philadelphia Zoo campaign will expose the Zoo but instead of a goal to close it, we will request that the Zoo transition to a sanctuary model, similar to the now-closed 140-year old Buenos Aires Zoo, where the 2,500 animals currently confined there were moved to nature reserves and the 44-acre zoo itself transitioned to a ecopark. More information: The Philadelphia Zoo is among the nation's worst - cramming 1300 animals onto 42 acres, housing some animals in crumbling, Depression-era enclosures, paying executives exorbitant salaries (the CEO alone makes over $300,000 a year!) - yet it continues to brag about how many people come every day to gawk at the animals and rakes in millions every year in OUR tax dollars. Can you block off an hour or two to help educate the public on the reality of the life of an animal confined in a zoo? Time: 1:00 to 3:00 pm Weather dependent: Yes - if it's pouring rain or extremely hot, we'll reschedule. Not many people come to the zoo in the rain or extreme heat. Organizer contact info: Marianne,[masked] WHAT TO EXPECT FOR . . . - -- Where we stand? We set up outside of the gates in front of the zoo entrance at the southwest corner of 34th and Girard. --- What we do? We hand out educational leaflets about zoos. We also have literature about about the campaign to rescue elephants Kallie and Bette from the breeding/holding facility (Bette) and Cleveland Zoo (Kallie) to a true sanctuary. And, as always, we have vegan literature available for interested people. All signs and literature will be provided. --- Parking? There is free parking on Girard Avenue west of the zoo and side streets (near the Sunoco 38th and Girard, use 3750 W Girard Avenue for GPS). Please be sure to hide all of your valuables as we have had some cars broken into in the past. --- Police Interaction? Little to none. We have been demonstrating at the zoo for over ten years and it is now well-established that we have the right to stand anywhere outside of the gates. --- Bathrooms? You can use the bathrooms inside the zoo without paying admission to get in. If you don't want to go in the zoo, there is a Sunoco gas station a few blocks away where if you ask the clerk nicely, you will usually be able to use the bathroom (assuming it is in working order, sometimes it's not). --- Receptivity of the patrons? Much depends on the dynamics of the crowd. Most of the time, the patrons are fairly receptive and will engage with us on questions about zoos and animals. A very small percentage may say something negative, but it overall it is a positive crowd. Most of the people going to the zoo think of themselves as animal lovers. --- Accessibility? There is a cutaway on 34th street where cars can pull in to drop off folks. The area where we set up is flat and easy to access. We will also have at least one chair available for people to sit as needed, and you are welcome to bring your own. --- Other info: Please do not bring single use plastic bottles. We will supply water for volunteers. Thank you!

  • Join Us at Uhuru Flea Market Outreach - September

    Clark Park, 43rd and Chester

    CALL MARIANNE AT[masked] if you can'f find us, but our space is usually the numbered space 52 or 53 (chalked on the sidewalk the day of the event). Uhuru Flea Market (Clark Park, West Philly) is back again this year and we'll be there to spread the animal liberation message (as well as raise a few dollars for our expenses. Some of our expenses include supplies for things like leaflets (for our specific campaigns), buttons, signage, and so on. It's not a lot of money, but it adds up. At the flea market, we usually net anywhere from $30 to $80 (after paying $70 for our space), and anything extra we make is donated to animal sanctuaries. In June we donated $43.00 to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! ***PLEASE RSVP HERE IF YOU CAN DEFINITELY COMMIT TO AT LEAST ONE HOUR.*** We will be setting up between 8 am and 9 am and selling from our space from 9 am to 5 pm, and starting to pack up around 5 pm. Please include the hours you are committing to in the comments or send an email to [masked] PARKING: You can usually find free street parking near the flea market (43rd and Chester) although you may have to walk a block or two. Our space is usually on 43rd Street, south of Chester. This is a really fun event. In addition to selling items, we have a table with animal liberation information, which has generated some fantastic discussions. A wonderful farmers market is also in Clark Park, right next to where we set up. Don't miss it! For more information about the Uhuru Flea Market, please click here. http://uhurufleamarket.blogspot.com/ We could use more donations - please, try to contribute things that will sell, NOT junk like your old cassette tape player and your homemade tapes. Suggested items include tools, sports stuff, furniture, toys, cds, dvds, small electronics, office equipment, kitchenware, new or gently used linens, JEWELRY (always a good seller) and unique collectors items (ornaments, etc). Books are generally not a great donation unless they are brand new and recently published. THANKS everyone who contributed items for our flea market sales in the past! NOTE: donations are NOT a requirement to volunteer. This event was set up for people to volunteer the day of the flea market. Donations are always welcome, however! :) ****** New or nearly new clothing is accepted, but please no other donations of clothing ******