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Learn to talk to your animals and know what they want to tell you! Our animals want us to know them! They want to be seen and understood.

We're all intuitive! With practice and the right tools, you can start deepening your relationships now. You can learn to communicate in the way that is best for you, learn easy energy techniques, and ways to help keep your companions happy, healthy, and balanced.

My desire is for each of us to really "see" our dog, cat, horse, bunny or any animal in our life, including those outside our window and wildlife. I combine years of communication methods and energy healing with intuitive guidance for each class, healing session, or reading. Open the door and your heart to the world of animals. It's very rewarding and a lot of fun!

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Animal Communication & Problem Solving, Pt 2

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Cats, dogs, bunnies or birds! Our animal companions want us to know who they are. Learn to communicate with your best friend and change your life! Some of the benefits include: a deeper relationship and a new wisdom, knowing what they need in any area, and finding that special, magical connection that you can only share with animals. This is a fun 2-part workshop (you can take one or both workshops) designed to help you to communicate with all animals. You will practice with classmates, animals at home, & those in spirit. We will use medical intuition and scanning to look for solutions and provide resources. We will laugh, grow together and deepen our relationships and understanding of animals. In Part 1 we: Learn to manage your energy and Increase intuition Sending and receiving information to/from animals Accuracy and asking good questions Working with your own animals Past Lives and Soul Mate Relationships Lots of practice, question time, resources/homework Part 2 we start with: Reviewing homework, sharing successes! Mirroring and healing Behavior and emotional issues Medical Intuition and Scanning Chakra balancing and why its important Adding CBD oil/Flower essences Animal Mediumship You can take one or both classes. Single Day $125/Both days $230 Location: 1532 NW 195th St, Shoreline, WA CLICK HERE for ONE-day workshop: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3920937 CLICK HERE FOR BOTH DAYS: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3920963 https://darcypariso.com/event/animal-communication-and-problem-solving-part-2/

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