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If you have come to this group, it's because you have a dog, or love dogs more than words can express..like me.

I created this meet-up because of the extraordinary lessons animals have shared with me through my childhood, up till now. The relationships with these animals along the way inspired me to walk the path of translator or in current terms, Animal Communicator. I have committed to the creatures of all kinds to give them a voice and place to to be seen.
They have held space for me with patience as I learn how to get out of my own way and hear them( the journey is never over, but there is a start) . Today, I notice there is a huge shift in the way we see animals. It's inspiring and hopeful.

This meet-up is for anyone that wishes they could listen to their dogs at a deeper level.

I invite you to come spend 3 hours at one of our most beautiful dog parks on the lower mainland while we learn methods of connecting to our dogs.

Learn how to connect with your own dogs through Animal Communication. I will lead you through discovering tools to begin hearing the information your dogs have for you.

They are not just an animal. They come to us with a very special role. Through is Meet-up, we will dive into the incredible potential of non- verbal communication.

This class could quite possibly change your life.

Puppies are welcome as well!!! The dogs respond to our state of being, and seem to really enjoy being in the presence of such a deep and connected space.
Classes are50$ drop-ins welcome or RSVP.

Locations vary....if you might have a special location you love, I am willing to travel!

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The start of a new school year can be very stressful for a child and even the parent/s. Anxiety around this time of year can be overwhelming. "Sitting with Horses", is a way to help your child find calmness and reconnect with peace that resides within themselves. "Sitting with Horses" is lead by Guliz, a certified BodyTalk practitioner and animal communicator, with years of hands-on horse experience. Her team is also experienced with working along side of horses. This 2 hour session starts with the child and parent/s sitting in chairs, in a fenced area, while horses roam freely. During this time we do not touch the horses. Children will observe the horses and be encouraged to talk about what they see. They are also encouraged to write or draw about what they observe. They could even paint if they so choose! We will practice a short leader-instructed meditation followed by a short quiet meditation. We then will have an open discussion about the things each child meditated or thought about. During the second half of the session the children will get to be be up close and personal with the horses. First there will be a discussion about the safety and nessecary precautions to be aware of around horses. The children will have the opportunity to touch, pet, and brush the horses. This will be supervised by on-site staff and volunteers. "The Sitting with Horses for Children" has become a very popular class because if gives a child and parent the unique opportunity to reconnect and deepen their relationship while enjoying nature and animals. Due to the required supervision needed in each class, it is limited to 6 kids per session. Cost: $65 (1 adult, 1 child) $15 for each additional child. $15 for additional adult. 2 sessions will be offered 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. RSVP is required and payment must be made to hold your seats (e-mail transfer or paypal). email: [masked]

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