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According to Dr Judith Orloff, an Empath is a person who feels other people's emotions and/or physical symptoms as if they were their own, due to their high sensitivities. There are different types of Empaths; an Animal Empath is one of them.

Do you feel special empathy for Animals? Can you sense their needs, and do you find that you can even communicate with them? i.e understand what they are trying to say in a telepathic way? Those of us with animals have at least a bit of this sense of understanding our pet friends, yet an animal empath can actually perceive a lot more than the average person when it comes to understanding the deeper needs of an animal. An Animal Empath will feel this way towards almost all Animals.

If this is you, we need you!

The plan is for us as a group to meet at a scheduled venue in Manhattan to meditate once a month, with the intention of raising the energies and awareness of the conscious collective towards the plights and needs of animals.

Also, for us Animal Empaths, life can feel harsh as we are bombarded daily when we hear about the sufferings of animals. Our emotions get triggered which could lead to a feeling of helplessness and emotional burnout. This group plans to act as a support group for those highly sensitive empaths getting burned out by this.

We plan to use this forum to discover and learn new tools that transforms us into becoming empowered Animal Empaths. Your empowerment is what will help create the needed change you want to see for animals in the world.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

This group is spiritual (but not religious) and our desire to see the plights of suffering animals improve, is our intention.

We are Animal Lovers, we are Animal Empaths, come join us!

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