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Animal Faith-based Ministries, Develop, Outreach & Support Monthly Meetup
Teachers, healers, mirrors... What did you come to this planet to do and what role do animals play in this destiny piece? We are so excited that we have been taken into Empty Bowl Pet Food Disaster service 501c3. Please join us to learn what we plan to do in the next year and how you soul can add it's beauty to this planet! YOUR VOICE COUNTS! This online fomat will be via Citrix go to webinar. The Link will be posted her by June 10th, which you must register on on get into the meeting.


Because we have to say something here - g · Phoenix, AZ

What we're about

No matter one's belief, faith, or connection to all things Spirit. We welcome all who respond to this call to action to build animal ministries within their groups, churches, or spiritual organizations, (or just out a need to help animals as an independent individual) as a way to open, heal and empower human hearts. We work together as a non-denominational group, honoring all paths. Our purpose: As delegates of our respective connection to spirit, who believe that we are called to heal, defend, and care for animals, we pledge ourselves as stakeholders in the quest to: Pray for the earth and all her creatures. (See Larry, Dossey M.D. ‘s books on the studies about the effect of prayer, the spiritual statement of intent). Gather and disseminate animal related information to help humans make more effective informed decisions which will help to reduce problems, including abandonment in human animal relationships. Educate our respective connections and the communities-at-large, concerning the needs of animal specific issues, and those who care for animals, and opportunities of spiritual, sociological, and technological solutions to those problems. Promote action by empowering ourselves and others to be a catalyst for change. Provide opportunities for those whose lives we touch to experience, a deeper spiritual connection through their interactions with animals and their caregivers. We honor the human need to include our beloved animals in our connection to our Souls and Spirituality, participating in all stages of life including pet blessing events, to animal memorial services and other support groups or activities thoughout Arizona. Our call to action is to develop support systems within our organizations to help those: a) With animals emergency planning and response during times of great need: accidents/hospitalization, catastrophic illness, disasters, home/job loss… b) Without animals, though the support of therapy animal programs, especially those devoted to convert rescued animals into therapy animals to stop cycles of abuse, provide humane education, compassion, healing and solace support to those who have been wounded by loss or debilitating illness through therapy team development and connection to our local faith-based facilities and programs as well as to non-profit agencies needing volunteer support such as Gabriel’s Angles for At risk children, Hospice of the Valley Pet Connection… c) Like ourselves, our families and friends by committing to develop our knowledge and skills in such areas such as: Verbal First Aid, Emergency planning and response for health and disasters, end of Life planning and decisions – for our selves and our pets, Network and Support systems for special need situations… for when we take care of our own home needs, we are better able to help care for others. d) We commit to finding and supporting our individual efforts, in individual ways, whether alone or as part of a team because our goal is the same as the Star Fish Story ~ to each life we touch, it makes a difference…human or animal! e) Some of us support special needs – animals and humans, helping at adoption events and in our homes as independent fosters, rescuers, behaviorists or trainers to open doors to those animals in transitions who otherwise would be euthanized for being too much bother, expense or risk to help. Some of us provide transition homes until these animals become “adoptable enough” for traditional rescuers to step in and take on to find forever homes for. We may help foster for a service person sent overseas, who would other wise have to give up his beloved pet, or an unadoptable senior or handicapped animal who still could still have a great quality of life for a few more years, for the service and tax deduction it would bring… Those who join this group understand that we are not specifically affiliated with any group or organization, in order to better to support our individual passions, interests, and connections though our shared commitment to help and empower each other to do more in our communities! Each person here assumes their own risks for their choices, decisions, and actions. We are Bridgers, Facilitators, Empowers, Teachers and Healers from all paths~ trailblazers to inspire others to step in and get involved on this deeper level of Service to our spiritual connections. In addition to the local meetings, we also will offer online meeting support, resources, and mentoring to those intending to develop this resource locally as well!

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