Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary Retreat!

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Transport out of the city in a luxury bus with high back reclining seats, DVD/CD players with drop down televisions where we will be screening a film!

The bus will drop as at Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary in Montague, NJ

The shuttle will drop us at Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary in Montague, New Jersey; a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of almost 200 unique and beautiful farm animals.

We will meet chickens, cows, turkeys, goats, ducks and pigs and then hike to a 336 acre farm where delicious vegan lunch and sides will be served.

Caterering by Veggie Grub!!!

Menu to be announced and more surprises to be announced!


Pick up at the Skylight Diner 10AM

34th and 9th

Drop off at the Skylight Diner 5:30PM

34th and 9th


Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary