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Shift from the "to have a body" to the "to own your body" mindset!

The class format is such that allows participants of all levels to work at their own pace. A typical class will be split into the following parts:

Part 1 - Full body foundation warm up and conditioning. Focus on joint mobility and strength endurance

Part 2 - Movement and flow practice. This will typically cover one (or more) of the following elements

· Locomotion: Animal flow and quadrupedal movement patterns such as the beetle, monkey, bear, crab, cat, tiger, lizard, horse etc. Locomotion is used for conditioning on various martial arts and sports disciplines and focuses on the activation and use of fascia i.e. the connecting tissue between the skin and the muscles, rather than muscle isolation exercises.

· Mobility: The basic range of movements for a typical adult will include sitting, standing, lying and transitions from on to the other. This is a significantly reduced range compared to what any toddler is capable of (if you don’t believe me ask your parents 😊). Mobility exercises will allow you to trace and rediscover natural human movement patterns (such deep squats, thoracic spine extensions, hamstring stretches, scapula mobilizations, joint misalignment patterns etc.) that are essential to the human condition and health.

· Strength: Focus on how you can use your own bodyweight to develop foundational strength for future progress. We will use a number of strength conditioning elements, such as isometrics for bend and straight arm, core, and lower body strength, from various disciplines (i.e. gymnastics, calisthenics, and parkour conditioning) to help develop a base level of bodyweight strength.

· Balance: Here we work on proper alignment, eye positioning, proprioception and the importance of breathing in balance. We will progress from basic balance positions such as one leg balance, and frog stance to various handstand positions.

· Floreio: Means “flourish” and refers to a set of specific Capoeira movements (such as relógio, pião de mão, and pião de cabeça, role, au cortado, corta capim, rotations into low and high bridge, and QDRs). These movements require a combination of strength, mobility and balance.

Part 3 - Cool down and stretching. Focus on gradual relaxation, and stretching for improved flexibility and slowing down your heart rate.

Part 4 – Smile! Remember to smile and enjoy the class. We are here to rediscover our inner monkeys, meet likeminded people and have fun! Also, smiling is an excellent way to work your abs – true story! 😊


About me:

I have been practicing sports since the age of 4: gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, water polo, bodyweight training, parkour and dance amongst other things. I can honestly say movement has been a lifelong passion and pursue and something I wish to be able to do until my last day.

So why this group and why now? After my 30th birthday I did notice a significant difference in both my energy levels and injury recovery times; mostly due to poor nutrition, insufficient recovery times and over training. A serious shoulder injury, led me to take a new approach to movement and health.

I started researching and consuming any information I could get my hands on (workshops, classes, scientific research papers, books and articles, podcasts and online resources) around the science and practice of human movement. I took this information and started experimenting with all the different ideas that I discovered.

As a result, for the last 7 years I have been running various movement classes with a group of regular movement enthusiasts, and now I am truly happy to be able extend the invitation to a wider group in the new wonderful indoors space that Colomba provides. I hope you will join us in this journey to (re)discover our inner monkey!

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