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Denver Japan Dolphins Day-2012 Protest, August 31st.

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Denver Japan Dolphins Day will celebrate and honor the Lives of Thousands of Dolphins lost every year in the Ruthless Drive Hunts of Japanese Fishermen.. Illegal Fish-netting practices, and US NAVY sonar and munitions testing in US waters.

Our mission is to increase public awareness about the continuing slaughter of thousands of dolphins as documented in the 2009 Academy Award-winning documentay movie "The Cove".

In conjunction with the rally, there will be a FREE screening of "THE COVE", August 29th, 7 pm at Highlands United Methodist Church. RSVP Required. {See details below). The Cove will bring to viewers a heighted understanding of the dolphins' plight and reasons behind the rally and protest.

Join us for the peaceful gathering, on August 31st @11:30am, in front of the Embassy of Japan at 17th and Lawrence Streets in Downtown Denver. The rally coincides with the start of the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. Each year from September 1 through the end of March, thousands of dolphins are driven to the shores of Taiji. The majority are brutally killed and the remaining dolphins are sold into a life of captivity.

This Rally is part of Japan Dolphins Day, an annual event involving more than 90 cities acros the Globe. Coming together to show their support for the much beleaguered dolphins, volunteers will be on hand to distribute educational materials to the publc, intended to increase awaness to the plight of these maginificent marine mammals.

Please click on one of the links below to sign up for the Rally. We need every available humantiarian out there fighting for the Dolphin's of Japan and the rest of the World.

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