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Visit www.WildlifeHavenRehab.org to learn more about them!

JOIN FVA to help with projects needing assistance throughout Wildlife Haven! GREAT opportunity to provide MUCH NEEDED relief and support to our local super heros!

If you'd like to carpool, please indicate as such in the comment box when you RSVP.



1.) Is there a limit on the number of people we could bring that day? If so, what is the limit? We don't want to do anything to disturb the animals and plan to comply with the guidelines you set. We have 7 board members and some additional advisors. Other FVA members would also love to attend, but I'll wait to hear back from you before inviting additional people.

You are welcome to bring as many animal friendly people as would like to come & work. As you know, we are not a zoo and because 95% of all our animals get released back into the wild, we do not encourage people interaction. Our babies are loved and cuddled, but the ones preparing to be release only see two caretakers. This is for the safety of the animals, our first concern.

2.) Do you have any projects that you would like for us to help with on that day?

We are hoping to put people to work on several projects. We will probably build out our "Baby Bungalow", possibly build some "Dog Houses" for the raccoons to cuddle in during the cold weather. We will get a variety of projects together and you can let us know if the visitors are interested in working on them, or if they have some talents we can put to use on the 25th. Let us know and we will design around their talents.

3.) What type of clothing do you recommend for the day?

Please come in comfortable cloths. Wear old closed shoes or sneakers, something you might not mind getting dusty and dirty. I wear jeans and long sleeves when I am interacting with the animals. They can bring a change of clothes, as we have bathrooms available to change.

4.) Would you like for me to bring a camera from the Tampa Bay Community Network? If you would like, we could get enough footage for a 30 minute show. If yes, please let me know what you would like covered in the show (including any specific questions that you would like me to ask for the program).

I would love you to film any project we are working on. I cannot put into words the dire needs of Wildlife Haven Rehab. Brenda and John Baughman have worked 24/7 with NO MONEY. They have given their heart, soul, sweat & love to the animals in their care. I don't know how they have survived. The animals are cleaned and fed every day. I don't know how they do it, as John has a full time job and Brenda is a cancer survivor.

If you decide to film, and we had a wonderful time when Wildlife-Nannies came from Germany to film, I don't know if we can get everything in on one day.
We would like to get across to people that Wildlife should be left alone in the wild. People are very quick to pick up babies, thinking they are doing good and saving them, but many times the mom is just out feeding. When she returns her little one are gone and she searches & searches for them. We try to capture the moms if we know where the babies were found, since they do so much better with a mom to feed and teach them the ways of the wild.
Time is so important with a hurt animal. The sooner the animal gets to a vet, or to us the better. Animals with head injuries can be saved if they are administered (I think it is "dex", Brenda will tell you the med) in time, so their brain does not swell and complicate their survival.
When people pick up a baby, they immediately want to feed them, this is bad in many ways. They don't have the right formula and the transition from mother's milk to anything should be done with care. Most times the babies are very cold and dehydrated, in both cases feeding only makes things worse.
If we can educate your viewers to our facility, so they have a phone number to call or a web site to get information on wildlife, we will help many animals. Just knowing that most vets will take in a baby or hurt wild animal at no charge and give it care then turn it over to a rehabber. People just don't want to spend the money at a vet, for an animal not their pet.
I could go on and on, we can chat at your convenience & Brenda is really the authority. She has so many interesting, heart warming and darling, funny "Tails".

All the best!

Marilyn Waldorf
Wildlife Haven Rehab, Inc.
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