What we're about

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🦁 We organise Wildlife Trips for Animal Lovers, from Casual Holidays & Vacations - to Wildlife Conservation & Volunteer Experiences! 🌏 Join our Group Expeditions, meet fellow Animal Lovers, make new friends! Together we strive to make a difference for Animals worldwide. πŸ’•

Visit http://AnimalEncounterWT.com/gallery (http://animalencounterwt.com/gallery) for our Photo Gallery of Past Expeditions.

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who should join?

🦁 People who want to see the Animals of the World. πŸ˜† Up Close, in free, fenceless Environments for wonderful Experiences. βœ… But also Ethically, by Responsible Businesses that care about Animal Welfare. People who want to meet fellow Animal Lovers & make new friends!

what we will do:

πŸ… Have cool Travel sharings about the places we've been, the Places we want to go, local Animal / Nature related Events. ☺️

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