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The Animal's Battalion -National Day of Action for Rabbits

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Rabbit protection groups around the country are planning on coming together to tell Whole Foods Market what rabbit lovers really think about Whole Foods’ decision to start selling rabbit meat in their stores.

We'll be gathering in Union Square Park on the south side directly across from Whole Foods in order to get as much traffic flow as possible.

The Animals' Battalion is joining forces with local rabbit advocacy/rescue groups, vegan education groups and anyone who feels Whole Foods is adding yet another victim, in this case rabbits, to their list of animals needlessly killed for selfish human tastes. We feel this is an irresponsible, callous move done only to promote rabbit meat consumption and increase Whole Foods' profits.

If you feel the same way, join us.

What Should You Do?

Your goal is to inform customers of Whole Foods’ decision, let them know what wonderful animals rabbits are, remind them how popular rabbits are as pets, and let them know that the company’s “humane standards” in terms of how the rabbits are being raised and killed are really just greenwashing PR. Your ultimate goal is to encourage these customers to walk into the store, and fill out a comment card expressing their concerns, and to also, if possible, talk directly to the store’s management. (If there are no comment cards in the store, you could carry some of these to hand out!)