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ACC (Animal Care & Control) Annual Board of Directors Meeting - OPEN TO PUBLIC

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ACC Annual Board of Directors Meeting

January 24, 2020

09:00am –125 Worth Street, NY, NY

Please have your photo ID to gain access into the building.

ACC’s Board of Directors meeting will be held on Friday, January 24, 2020. Following Board business and time permitting, public comment will be heard within the time remaining for the Board meeting. During the time set aside for public comments the Board and/or Executive Director will try to address specific questions or topics that fall within their purview. Individuals who wish to provide public comment must sign in prior to the commencement of the Board Meeting. The public comment sign in sheet will be available in the vestibule outside the auditorium on the 2nd floor. Individuals will be called based on the order of this sign in sheet. In making a request to provide public comment, individuals must give their names and their title or affiliation. Substitute speakers will not be permitted.

Each speaker will have two (2) minutes to present comments. Time cannot be donated from one speaker to another. Public comment will be received until the scheduled end of the Board meeting.

Anyone who does not have an opportunity to speak during the public comment period or does not want to speak publicly may submit their questions or comments to or they can submit written comments to ACC on the day of the meeting of the meeting. ACC will respond to your comments by e-mail if appropriate.

Speakers needing any disability related or language accommodation should contact ACC at, at least three (3) days in advance. This includes requests for a sign language translator.

125 Worth Street, NY, NY · New York, NY