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Interested in exploring animation dance? Animation uses freestyle dance forms like popping, tutting, robotics, strobing, and gliding to illustrate rhythm and message.

This is not a class or lesson but a group for people who like dancing at parties/ clubs but want to experiment with some new skills both in and out of the club. Do you like watching World of Dance competitions? Do you envy dancers like Fik-shun, Dytto, Blueprint, Les Twins, Poppin John, Glitch, Nonstop, Marie Poppins, Lil Phoenix, Raino, Jaja Vankova or even Michael Jackson? Yeah me too and with some practice, help/ feedback from friends we can build on our skills together and maybe even get down on some dance battles!

We’ll spend some time watching dance videos and use peer movement analysis to get better and better. We’ll practice isolating parts of the body to move independently from each other, a core skill in this genre. We’ll also exercise/ stretch to strengthen ourselves and to minimize injury. No judgement or elitism, this is an easy going/ relaxed meetup with a lot of goofing around.

No dance experience nessesary, all you need is energy.

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🙏 Tutting with friends

Denver Dance Center

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