What we're about

Meet new friends, hang out with old ones, crack jokes, express opinions. Get better at pitching. Get better at giving feedback. Connect. Get inspired.

The main purpose of this group is to support each other as creators of original animation & game content.

In a broader sense, we're also hoping to promote the creation of more original content here in Vancouver, so that we all have a more fun and creative industry with exciting opportunities.

**You don't have to have an idea to pitch in order to be a part of this! **

Coming to meetings to hear other people pitching and give them feedback, is perfectly fine and entirely awesome.

IMPORTANT: At this time, only game dev and animation professionals can join the group. This is to make sure the games and animation projects pitched, as well as the feedback given, are based on a good understanding of the medium and the workings of the industry.

HOWEVER! If you have an awesome idea for a game/animation project but are NOT part of the industry, you can still pitch it to the group by pitching it together with an industry person.

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