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We’re AnimeChicago, going strong for more than 10 years.

We’re experts and newbies who appreciate good anime.
We’re mostly young professionals in our 20s and 30s.
We’re not ashamed of being an anime club.

In fact, we absolutely enjoy crushing all those stale otaku stereotypes. Celebrating Japanese pop culture is our mission, promoting anime is our passion, and making friends is our greatest reward. And we’re seeking members like you!

So if you gotta gush about My Hero Academia, or wanna jump into cosplay, or dig into a heartwarming Ghibli classic…

Join us today!

Upcoming events (5+)

[VIP Party] Anime Sampler: Summer 2019

Indie City Co-op

Our next Anime Sampler is coming up fast! A few things to note: • Only VIP members may RSVP and attend. • Guests are not invited or allowed. • Seating is limited so RSVP only if you can make it. • Leave a comment if you're bringing potluck food to share. • We will not be admitting anyone before 1:45pm. What is Anime Sampler? Join AnimeChicago as we watch first episodes of the upcoming anime season while enjoying some potluck food! This event is suitable for both new and regular members with any level of anime knowledge or experience. There will be breaks for chatting, snacks, and other shenanigans. What's a VIP? Members who have donated $12 or more to our nonprofit organization have VIP Status for one year. We host 4+ VIP thank you parties every year! About the Location This is a private office with a large projector setup, surround sound, water cooler, and a kitchenette with fridge and microwave. Sinks, restrooms and beverage vending machines are located in common areas throughout the facility. Office dogs are friendly to guests but not so great for those with allergies. Getting There Street parking is widely available. It's a two-block walk from the train and two buses if you like public transit. This space is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. Update your RSVP! We are instituting a three strikes policy for No Shows and last-minute cancellations. The room cannot accommodate more people, so unexpected guests will not be permitted entrance.

Anime Circle: The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

Next Door Cafe

Watch the entire selection beforehand – spoilers guaranteed! • Round Table is a book club for anime → (https://www.meetup.com/animechicago/pages/22851498/Event%3A_Discussion_Groups) • We take No Shows very seriously → (https://www.meetup.com/animechicago/pages/22833517/Club_Policies/) • Tips for your first Meetup → (https://www.meetup.com/animechicago/pages/22851568/Attending_Your_First_Meetup/)

Mixer at Beermiscuous


Mixers are all about meeting other members, so it's perfect if you haven't been to many (or any) of our meetups yet. • This is a 21+ bar so bring your valid ID. • Check in and grab your name tag when you arrive. • Friends are welcome!

Manga Circle: Red Colored Elegy

Indie City Co-op

Red Colored Elegy 赤色エレジー by Seiichi Hayashi 林 静一 is a work about 2 young students struggling to find a way in socially and politically tumultuous times. Written by a pioneer of manga this experimental work will provide much to discuss. Manga Jam typically meets on second Sundays to discuss a selected work of manga and its international relevance. This event is suitable for attendees 18+ with any level of manga knowledge or experience. We recommend reading the entire selection beforehand – spoilers guaranteed! Getting the Comic About the Location This is a private office so the address is available for members only, and it accommodates 25 people comfortably. Also, there is an office corgi, so please keep that in mind if you have allergies or other aversions to dogs. Getting There Street parking is widely available. It's a two-block walk from the Brown Line and two buses (Addison and Ashland) if you like public transit. Apologies: this space is not wheelchair accessible. Attendance Policy Please note our three strikes policy for No Shows and cancellations within 6 hours of the event. You may RSVP for two additional guests. Arrivals who have not RSVP'd cannot be guaranteed a seat, but there may be room available.

Past events (353)

Manga Circle: Osamu Tezuka's Princes Knight

Indie City Co-op

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