• [Online] Anime Deep Dive: Jarinko Chie

    Online event

    This Meetup will be held online on the AnimeChicago Discord Server. Follow the instructions here for access: https://animechicago.com/discord/ Anime Deep Dive is an event where we take a deep dive into the bin of anime and sample a hidden gem, no previous knowledge required. This selection will be Jarinko Chie, a comedic film about a dysfunctional family in Osaka. Directed by master filmmaker Isao Takahata and featuring many Osaka based comedic talents this film is to Osaka what The Blues Brothers is to Chicago a love letter to that city's local culture. Join us on a special channel #anime-deep-dive.

  • [Online] Art Circle

    Online event

    Art Circle is back with a vengeance! These topsy turvy times have given us the opportunity to meet online for a few hours and create! Together, we will draw, color, sketch, model, and whatever other creative endeavor you're into! πŸ‘‰ Join our Discord Server: https://animechicago.com/discord/ β˜… 7:00 pm – Video Chat Opens Head to our Discord channel #arts-crafts for further information on how to join the video chat. β˜… 7:15 pm – Create Together! Work on your creations in the video chat and talk shop, anime, and whatever you're in the mood for! β˜… 8:45 pm – Show Your Progress Feel free to share what you've worked on, get some constructive criticism, and provide your own feedback for others. Click the online event link to join our Discord server, where you can find out more about these meetups as well as hang out with your fellow AnimeChicagoans!

  • Mixer via Discord

    Online event

    All members are invited to our monthly mixer for conversation, remote games, and more! πŸ‘‰ TAKE 10 MINS TO SETUP DISCORD: https://animechicago.com/discord/ β˜… 6:45 pm – Lobby Opens #mixer-lobby launches early so folks can settle-in, troubleshoot, and prepare a refreshing beverage. β˜… 7:00 pm – Introduction The team says hello and presents announcements while folks trickle in. β˜… 7:10 pm – Lightning Talk + Q&A One of our members will host a 5-minute talk. Topic TBA. β˜… 7:20 pm – Chatroom Shuffle Our small-room format rotates periodically to recreate the conversational tone of our in-person events. Shuffles are scheduled @ 7:20, 7:40, 8:00, and 8:20. β˜… 8:40 pm – Sign-Off Everyone tunes into a live-stream for final announcements, a group picture, and possibly some post-event gaming.

  • [Online] Tokyo House Party #5

    Online event

    AnimeChicago, in collaboration with The Japanese Arts Foundation and Japanese Culture Center, is excited to invite you to a live-stream party on alternating Saturday evenings! RSVP here for streaming links: http://tokyohouseparty.org Programming includes a deep-dive into Japanese art, live-cooking with Kizuki, watching selected anime episodes, and concludes with a City Pop set by DJ Van Paugam. And Kizuki also offers an exclusive dinner special, delivered to your door. We hope you can join us for a fun evening!

  • [Online] Manga Circle: Saint Young Men Vol 1 -2 (Hardcover) 1-4 (ebook)

    NOTE - The Kindle Version has smaller volumes than the hardcover version. There are only 2 volumes out of the hardcover edition so please get those 2 if you want a physical copy. There are 4 out of the kindle one so please get that if you want a digital copy. Saint Young Men θ–γ‚»γ‚€γƒ³γƒˆβ˜†γŠγ«γ„γ•γ‚“ by Hikaru Nakamura 中村 ε…‰ is a low key comedy about 2 roommates Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ making a go at living in an apartment in Tokyo together. This is a longer series, but we are going to be reading the first 4 (2 in hardcover english) volumes to get an idea of what this is like. ----- Manga Jam typically meets on second Sundays to discuss a selected work of manga and its international relevance. This event is suitable for attendees 18+ with any level of manga knowledge or experience. We recommend reading the entire selection beforehand – spoilers guaranteed! Getting the Comic Please allow for more time for this to ship given the state of things. Some books are available through your local public libarary - CPL for Chicago has a very extensive collection. About the Location We are doing this on Discord. There will be both a voice room where I'll share the manga and a special text chat to share links or thoughts on the selection (its also a good place for people without microphones to participate in the chat). Getting There Its on our discord server located at: https://discord.gg/KMtNz4P there will be two channels devoted to manga-circle one for voice chat and another for text messages. If you don't have a microphone or its not working post questions in the text chat and I can discuss (you can also post links to relevant discussions). We don't think the lockdown will be lifted by the time this event happens - we'll keep an eye out as things develop and respond accordingly. Attendance Policy Please note our three strikes policy for No Shows and cancellations within 6 hours of the event. You may RSVP for two additional guests. Arrivals who have not RSVP'd cannot be guaranteed a seat, but there may be room available.

  • Anime Circle: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

    Online event

    This Meetup will be held online on the AnimeChicago Discord Server. Follow the instructions here for access: https://animechicago.com/discord/ Watch the entire selection beforehand – spoilers guaranteed! β€’ Round Table is a book club for anime β†’ (https://www.meetup.com/animechicago/pages/22851498/Event%3A_Discussion_Groups) β€’ We take No Shows very seriously β†’ (https://www.meetup.com/animechicago/pages/22833517/Club_Policies/) β€’ Tips for your first Meetup β†’ (https://www.meetup.com/animechicago/pages/22851568/Attending_Your_First_Meetup/)