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Whether you've always wanted to learn to hoop-dance, or have been hooping for years, let's build a community here in Ann Arbor. For the newbies, the first meetups will be lessons with a hoop-dancing instructor. Later on, we'll just get together and hoop!

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Hi all!

I would like to know if there is anyone out there that has the time and inclination to take over the running of this group. Because of the size (295 members), there is a cost to be on Meetup which is $89.95 every 6 months. The last time I reached out to the group, I got back approx 6 responses stating that they would be willing to pay a small amount of cash to keep this going. Are there more of you out there? There have been some contributions for a total of $18.00 but more would be needed so the organizer is not left footing the bill for the group. We typically get low response for Meetup invites, but perhaps someone has more drive to get things going. I am short on free time these days (2 jobs) and am stepping down regardless. So really, I am stating that the group will disappear if we do not have someone new to run it (collect dues, make payments) by the end of the week- April 30. One option is to let it go, then start a new Ann Arbor group with dues built in on the front end. That may make it more likely that the people joining would be invested in showing up to any future Meetups.

Let me know if you (someone) is interested.



Hi All,
I have created a new Facebook group in an attempt to gain some more interest in getting together and creating a hoop community. Looking at the members here, a lot of them have not logged in for months/years. I'm sure people check their Facebook pretty regularly and we may have more luck creating meet-ups more often through this group. Please check it out!

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